Nowhere is the history of the Netherlands as visible as in Westerwolde. At the province of Groningen you often think of vast plains, but not here! In these surroundings you have surprising landscapes. You will find no less than 5,500 acres of forest and nature reserve. Go walking or biking, or discover the nature by canoe.

Our park is located in the recreation area “Wedderbergen”, in the northern part of the region next to the river ‘Westerwoldse Aa’. The area is known for the ‘Weddermeer’: ​​a recreational lake with two sandy beaches surrounded by forest. At the back of the lake you can walk to Wedde. In the village you will find the Blijhamsterbos with a size of 60 acres with various types of trees.

weddermeer boot

Discover the nature of Westerwolde, where the Netherlands began …
Listen to all the birds you hear and maybe spot the kingfisher or another bird species. But also deer, hares and pheasants walk in the area around the park. Especially in the early hours you can see them walking.

To the south of the park there are several nature reserves: take a walk in the Smeerling, near Bourtange or in the tip of Westerwolde near the monastery of Ter Apel. So many different areas in one region.

natuur van Oost-Groningen