Sights and museums

Sights and museums in Groningen and surroundings around Villapark Weddermeer. Discover these sights and museums in Groningen during your stay in our park.

Dinopark Tennaxx

Experience the mystery of the Dinosaurs. Whether you are looking for exciting dino adventures, breathtaking attractions or enjoying the landscape, Landgoed Tenaxx is something for everyone. Discover this unique park with dinosaurs, arboretum and beautiful nature.

Address & contact details

Borgesiusweg 1, 9698 XS Wedde
Phone: 0599 354 600
Distance 4.9 km | 7 minutes

Museum de Oude Wolden

Quirky museum in a beautiful environment, with new exhibitions, works by Lodewijk Bruckman and different regional exhibitions every month.

Address & contact details

Hoofdweg 161, 9695 AE Bellingwolde
Telephone: 0597 531 509
Distance: 11.8 km | 13 minutes

Bell Foundry & Museum Battle of Heiligerlee

Heiligerlee is closely linked to the famous battle and is also the home of one of the most famous bell founders in Europe. In Heiligerlee there are two museums that both keep these stories alive.

Address & contact details

Provincialeweg 46, 9677 PD Heiligerlee
Tel. 0597 41 81 99
Distance: 10.9 km | 16 minutes

Bourtange Fortress

Near the German border, in the beautiful Westerwolde (South East Groningen), lies the fortress Bourtange. A unique historical defense that does not know its equal. Present and past go perfectly together in this small, atmospheric fortified city.

Address & contact details

W. Lodewijkstraat 33, 9545 PA Bourtange
Phone: 0599 354 600
Distance: 14.9 km | 19 minutes

Museum railway line S.T.A.R.

The Museum Railway S•T•A•R has been operating since 1994 with a historic steam train and diesel trains between Veendam and Musselkanaal. The track runs almost entirely along the border between Groningen and Drenthe, the Semslinie, and thus crosses the region known as the ‘Veenkoloniën’ (Peat colonies) of East Groningen. With a length of 26 km it is the longest museum line in the Netherlands. A unique line with many works of art about the many neighborhoods and canals.

Address & contact details

Stationsstraat 3, 9503 AD Stadskanaal
Telephone: 0599 651 890
Distance: 17.0 km | 20 minutes

SHC De Oude Stelmakerij

Take a look at one of the oldest buildings in the heart of Sellingen. A beautiful renovated building with nice exhibits.

Address & contact details

Dorpsstraat 32, 9551 AE Sellingen
Phone: 0599 612 649
Distance: 18.4 km | 21 minutes

Regional history center

In the Regional History Center, the history of the Kanaalstreek and Westerwolde is portrayed. In the documentation center you can dig even deeper in the past. The museum is located in the stylish villa Huize ter Marse, next to the water tower of Stadskanaal.

Address & contact details

Ceresstraat 2, 9502 EA Stadskanaal
Phone: 0599 612 649
Distance: 17.0 km | 20 minutes

Do Veendam museum

Be inspired and come play and create. In the Do Museum you come to discover, to be surprised or to be amazed.

Address & contact details

Transportweg 5, 9645 KZ Veendam
Telephone: 050 409 6900
Distance: 18.6 km | 21 minutes

Veenkoloniaal Museum

The Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam is one of the most surprising museums in the region. Before you know it you are face to face with a skipper, you climb into his cage, watch the deck or take your place in a real skippers café.

Address & contact details

Museumplein 5, 9641 AD Veendam
Telephone: 0598 364 224
Distance: 20.1 km | 25 minutes

Monastery Ter Apel

Monastery Ter Apel Anno 1465 is located in the far southeast of the province of Groningen on a wooded sand ridge along the ancient trade route from D-Münster i/W to Groningen-City. For travelers and pilgrims passing through, the monastery was a place of hospitality and dedication. Although the accent has shifted, Monastery Ter Apel remained a meeting place to this day. For art and culture lovers because of the old and new architecture, and the permanent and changing exhibitions.

Address & contact details

Boslaan 3, 9561 LH Ter Apel
Telephone: 0599 581 370
Distance: 28.9 km | 31 minutes

Meyer Werft

Papenburg is home to the cruise ships. During a tour of the visitor center, you will experience up close how the most beautiful and luxurious ocean giants in the world are being built. A visit to the Meyer Werft is only possible by appointment in connection with the tour. Appointments can be made via

Address & contact details

Industriegebiet Süd, 26871 Papenburg
Telephone: 0049 4961 – 83960
Distance: 35.1 km | 32 minutes


Go back thousands of years in time and take a look at these special sights. In Drenthe there are 54 hunebeds, and the largest is right next to the Hunebedcenter. In the center the story is told of the dolmens and the hunebed builders. How could they for example lift such huge boulders? The Hunebed Center consists of a museum, a knowledge center with a library and an primal time park.

Address & contact details

Hunebedstraat 27, 9531 JV Borger
Telephone: 0599 236 374
Distance: 33.0 km | 35 minutes

Punt van Reide

A good place to spot seals is at the Punt van Reide, located on the border of Ems and Dollard. To prevent the seals being disturbed, there is a seal viewing wall here.

Address & contact details

Dallingeweersterweg 30, 9947 TB Termunten
Distance: 31.2 km | 40 minutes

Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum is a work of art in itself due to its modern architecture. Within its walls, the museum houses a wealth of artwork and art collections. There are also various activities for children in the Groninger Museum. There are read aloud afternoons, a children’s theater and special themed activities around exhibitions of the museum.

Address & contact details

Museum Island 1, 9711 ME Groningen
Telephone: 050 366 6555
Distance: 45 km | 45 minutes

City of Groningen

Come and shop in Groningen and visit the cozy market. This is divided over the Fish Market and the Grote Markt. The market is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and Thursday from noon to 9 pm

Address & contact details

Grote Markt, Groningen
Distance: 45 km | 45 minutes


Do you dare to climb the most famous tower of Groningen (97 meters high)? From the tower you have a beautiful view of the city.

Address & contact details

Martinikerkhof 3, 9712 JG Groningen
Distance: 45 km | 45 minutes

Orvelte Museum Village

Work and life from the past are recorded here in rustic buildings, grouped around the central village square, the green. The monuments village of Orvelte has been voted one of the five most beautiful villages in the Netherlands by the readers of the ANWB Kampioen.

Address & contact details

Dorpsstraat 1, 9441 PD Orvelte
Telephone: 0593 322 338
Distance: 49.3 km | 51 minutes

Prison museum

The Prison Museum shows how we punished from around 1,600 people in the Netherlands who did not comply to rules and standards. Visitors can experience everything in the museum. There is a separate route for children through the exhibition.

Address & contact details

Oude Gracht 1, 9341 AA Veenhuizen
0592 388 264
Distance: 64.5 km | 54 minutes