Activities with children

Sights and activities with children in East Groningen

Sights and activities with children in East Groningen and surroundings around Villapark Weddermeer. Discover these trips and activities in East Groningen during your stay in our park.

Ballorig Stadskanaal

At Ballorig Stadskanaal there are lots of fun things to do. You can jump on the trampoline, slide on the coolest slide and climb on the highest climbing frames. For the little ones there is a special toddler area and there is free Wi-Fi for the parents.

Address & contact details

Glass blower 8, 9502 KE Stadskanaal
Phone: 0599 650 926
Distance: 17.0 km | 20 minutes

Indoor Playground De Leeuwenborg

Welcome to the most exiting Indoor Playground of East Groningen! Here, children can enjoy climbing, jumping and running in various climbing constructions.

Address & contact details

Address: Pastorieweg 14, 9943 TG ​​Nieuw Scheemda

Telephone: 0598 446 464
Distance: 21.7 km | 27 minutes

Drouwenerzand Attractiepark

This theme park has the ideal formula, design and atmosphere to give young and old a wonderful, cozy, carefree day! The park is not open all year. View the opening days and times on their website!

Address & contact details

Gasselterstraat 7, 9533 PC Drouwen
Phone: 0599 564 360

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Distance: 28.8 km | 32 minutes

Wonderwereld Ter Apel

In the forests of Ter Apel you will find a wonderful world full of excitement and adventure. Experience the fantastic fairytale world of Greurt the Groninger giant, Aunt Beppie the witch and Zwammer the mushroom man. Wonderwereld offers fun for young and old. Fairy tales, treasure hunts, play landscapes and many special animals.

Address & contact details

Windows A Canal North, 19561 TE Ter Apel
Phone: 0599 587 990
Distance: 29.3 km | 33 minutes

Family park Rijk der Kabouters

A fun outing with children up to 8 years old who do not like mass entertainment. Walking along winding paths between the gnomes who live and work in this surprisingly nice gnome forest.

Address & contact details

Gieterstraat 20, 9463 PX Eext
Telephone: 0592 263 376
Distance: 35.7 km | 34 minutes


Kabouterland is located in the heart of Exloo. Kabouterland is a fun day out full of gnomes, trolls, animals and plenty of play in various playgrounds both inside and outside.

Address & contact details

Zuiderhoofdstraat 11, 7875 BW Exloo
Telephone: 0591 549 843
Distance: 32.7 km | 34 minutes


Theme park with fairytale park, playground and petting zoo. The park also has a restaurant and a tour boat, the Berend Botje, for cruises on the Zuidlaardermeer.

Address & contact details

Groningerstraat 10, 9471 AR Zuidlaren
Telephone: 050 409 1212
Distance: 34.5 km | 40 minutes

Schloss Dankern

The historic Dankern water castle with more than 200 play- and sports facilities ensures that you do not have to get bored. There is a climbing rope course, swimming paradise and a large recreational lake where you can water ski. The castle is located just over the border in Germany.

Address & contact details

Am Tiergarten, 49733 Haren (Ems)
Telephone: 0049 593 272 230
Distance: 44.6 km | 45 minutes

Wildlands Adventure Zoo

Imagine yourself in unforgettable worlds and go on an expedition in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. Experience adventures between the elephants and monkeys in the tropical jungle, between the fur seals and polar bears in the icy polar region or opt for a trip across the hot savannah. Quiet and relaxed or tough and exciting, it’s all possible.

Address & contact details

Raadhuisplein 99, 7811 AP Emmen
Telephone: 0591 850 855
Distance: 43.6 km | 48 minutes

Landgoed Nienoord

Jump, slide and climb on the best playgrounds in Familiepark Nienoord! In the sunshine, but also in the rain, you can play in the large indoor arcade. Experience nature on Expeditie Nienoord, and do not forget the ride on the train. You can experience water fun in the Nienoord Swimming Castle with various baths including a whitewater creek, whirlpool and water cannon. In the summer the heated outdoor pool is opened with the large slide, the cozy, well-arranged paddling pool and the large sunbathing area.

Address & contact details

Nienoord 20, 9351 AC Leek
Telephone: 0594 512 230
Distance: 64.6 km | 51 minutes

Plopsa indoor

Be enchanted by the magical world of Studio 100 and experience an unforgettable day in the most beautiful indoor amusement park in the Netherlands! Dance in the K3-disco, jump between Dancing Fountains, climb Plops playground, make a blood-curdling pace on the Wickiebaan, admire the tricks of Bumba in the nostalgic amphitheater and defy The Wild Sea! A whole day of fun for Ploppers from 2 to 10 years!

Address & contact details

Reindersdijk 57, 7751 SH Dalen
Telephone: 0524 523 380
Distance: 64.6 km | 59 minutes

Adventurepark Waddenfun

Waddenfun is the largest indoor climbing park in the Netherlands. 45 bridges and more than 300 meters of ziplines. A challenge for everyone, young, old, experienced but also inexperienced people.

Address & contact details

Trekweg 1, 9964 TA Wehe-den Hoorn
Telephone: 0595 439 880
Distance: 70.1 km | 60 minutes


In DoeZoo you enter the world of insects. The insects are the largest animal group on earth and yet you see relatively little in museums or animal parks. With us these animals get extra attention. There is a lot more than just those creepers! You can also meet the animals that eat insects. These include spiders, nose bears, lizards, frogs, owls, squirrels, hedgehogs and snakes.

Address & contact details

Wierde 17, 9965 TA Leens
Phone 0595 57 26 59
Distance: 70.1 km | 60 minutes

Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen

The Zeehondencentrum in Pieterburen is one of the oldest and best rescue centers for seals in the world. Come to the visitor center.

Address & contact details

Hoofdstraat 94a, 9968 AG Pieterburen
Telephone: 0595 526 526
Distance: 72.1 km | 62 minutes