Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Villapark Weddermeer? Below is an overview with frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Contact us!

Can the car be parked at the villa?

Yes, max. 1 car can be parked at the villa. There is a maximum of 2 cars at the villas on the outside of the park. (if there is a double parking space). Other cars can be parked in the central parking lot at the reception.

I have a trailer, can I drop it at the villa?

There may be max. 1 vehicle at the villa. You can leave the trailer at the villa and the car in the central parking lot. Or the trailer (locked) at the central parking lot.

We arrive with several cars, can we unpack together?

Yes that is allowed. On arrival days the barrier is open between 15.00 and 17.00.

Can I enter the park at any time?

Yes, the barriers are equipped with license plate recognition that always allows you to enter the park. Register your license plate upon arrival at the reception.

Can friends or family pay a visit?

People who come to visit you are most welcome at our park. As soon as they stay overnight, this has to be registered at the reception and you are obliged to pay park fees and bed linen.

Is it allowed to barbecue at the accommodation?

Yes, this is allowed provided it is not an open fire and the other guests are not hindered by smell / smoke.

Can I take a bait boat / boat on the water at the villa?

No, a bait, rubber or inflatable boat is not allowed on the inland waterways of the park.

Are there also villas where the garden is completely fenced?

No, all gardens in the park are open. The terrace is fenced by bush.

What is there to do in the area around the park?

You can read more about what you can do in the area around Villapark Weddermeer on the page Surroundings

Are dogs allowed in the villas?

In a number of villas it is allowed to bring a dog (maximum 2 per accommodation). You must indicate this when making your reservation. You pay € 5 per dog per night.

Can my dog ​​run loose in the park?

At the park, a dog may run loose under appèl. This means that other guests / dogs should not experience any inconvenience. Otherwise keep the dog on a leash.

What are the arrival and departure times?

The villa is available from 3 pm on the arrival day. Checking out on departure day is no later than 10 am.

Can I check in / arrive earlier?

The villas are still in the cleaning until 3 pm. In consultation we can exceptionally check if earlier check-in is possible.

Can I check out later?

Certain periods it is possible to book a € 15.00 comfort check-out. Then you can use the villa until noon. This is only in consultation with the reception.

I only arrive after the closing time of the reception, can I stay in my villa?

In case of late arrival you should always inform the reception (0597-561576). Often the restaurant is open longer and you can pick up the key there.

I want to leave very early on the day of departure / I want to leave late the night before the departure day. What do I do with the key?

You can deposit the key in the mailbox next to the front door of the center building / reception.

Can I also bring my own bed linen?

No, renting bed linen is mandatory at our park

Are there also towels and kitchen towels when booking?

No, the packages can be booked or rented at the reception.

Are the beds made up on arrival?

No this is not standard. You can book this in advance when booking or up to 1 day before arrival.

Can I clean the villa myself?

No, the cleaning is carried out by the park.

Is there internet available at the park?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the park. the login details are in the villas. In the center building you can ask the reception for the password.

Is there a launderette at the park?

Yes, behind the back in the center building is the laundry. Here is a washing machine and a dryer. You can buy a laundry coin at the reception or at the bar.

What is there to do at the park?

Take a look at: Facilities

Are there also cycling and hiking maps for sale?

Yes, at the reception you can go for buying cycling and walking maps of the area.

Is there standard children’s furniture in the villa?

No, you can book a child’s cot, highchair or playpen or rent through the reception.

I have rented a cot, are there sheets and / or duvet included?

No, sheets and duvet for a cot are not included. You have to bring this yourself.

Do I have to pay for the swimming pool?

Park guests of Villapark Weddermeer may use the swimming pool for free. Guests from outside can purchase a ticket at the reception.

Are there locker rooms and lockers by the pool?

Yes, there are a number of locker rooms and the lockers work at € 0.50 cents (which you also get back)

I’m not going to swim, can I watch?

This is allowed, blue shoes are available at the reception. Remember that it is very hot in the pool.

I booked a villa with a sauna. Can I use it for free?

All facilities in the villa, including the sauna, can be used free of charge during your stay.

How many people can you use in the sauna?

The sauna is suitable for 1 to 2 people.

What are preference costs?

A preference has been expressed for a villa or a specific facility. For that specific preference / guarantee you pay the preference costs.

When do I have to pay?

After making your reservation you will receive a confirmation by e-mail (or mail). The first payment must be made within 14 days after reservation. The remainder must be paid 60 days before arrival. If you book within 73 days of arrival, the full invoice amount must be paid within 14 days. If there is a booking shortly before arrival date, you can transfer the invoice and bring a proof of payment.

Can I book a cancellation insurance?

Yes, you can book this. The costs are 6.5% of the total travel sum. A cancellation insurance can be booked up to 4 days after booking.

Are there villas in the park for disabled people?

Unfortunately, there are no villas suitable for disabled people.

Can I smoke in the villa?

No, all villas in the park are non-smoking!

Is there an oven in the villa?

In all villas there is a microwave oven with an oven function.

Suppose I need an ambulance, can it enter the park?

Yes, this is possible. The barrier is equipped with an SOS access system through which the ambulance can continue.

Which fish are in the fish water

Various species of carp, bream and whitefish.

Can I also rent a fishing rod at the park?

No, you can buy a fishing rod in the mini-market.

Is there live bait in the park with which I can fish?

Certain periods in the year are maggots for sale in the mini-market.

Can I also rent a fishing spot by phone on the Weddermeer?

No, this can only be via the website or at the counter.